Tomomi Yamamoto Fashion Designer

One of a kind, handmade Japanese handbags which are made by skillful local craftsmen and women. We offer clutches, totes, mini bags, top handed and shoulder bags.

We make our bags with recycled, vintage Japanese kimono and obi fabrics. The majority of our fabrics are made of silk and some pure cotton. Obis are beautifully embroidered by hand. Each pattern and each material has different functions and meanings. The kimono is not only beautiful but also meaningful and has deep history and Japanese tradition. 

Japanese bag designer Tomomi Yamamoto has as her objective that each design should be something modern with a touch of Japanese tradition. Her inspirations include: Japanese tea ceremony’s accessories; Geisha dinners in Kyoto; and Japanese traditional girl’s small pochette. 

We also want to be eco-friendly. All our products are sustainable and timeless. We have so many old antique kimonos and obis in Japan. We want to create beautiful handbags and bring these recycled fabrics back to life.

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