Creative British UK Fashion Bag Brand

Creative British UK Fashion Bag Brand

When we think about the high end bags and fashion, we can come up many European one, especially Italian and French.

I have lived in London for a quite long time and I also like British bag brands too. London is one of the most international city in the world and I enjoy seeing London street fashion.

One of my favorite UK/British bag designer  Anya Hindmarch released reusable shopping bags for super markets. It were a big success in UK.  They always create something new and surprise me. This is very British fashion concept to me. “Something creative and outstanding!”. A reusable eco bag for 10 pounds, well hard to say cheap or not, but it is great for the people who are not  able to afford to buy high end fashion brand bag, but here you go, you can get it for 10 quid.

I am not a plastic bag.



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