William Morris

William Morris

I love fabrics and fabric design.  William Morris is one of my favourite designer.

I can not imagine how he could create so many beautiful designs.

Willam Morris is British designer. He was born in north London. He went to Oxford university to study church. However when he went to a trip to south France, he realised that he liked art more than church.

He met his wife Jane and got married. Then they moved into Red House in 1860 and, unhappy with what was on offer commercially, spent the next two years furnishing and decorating the interior with help from members of their artistic circle. (Today natural trust run by this house and you can visit it. )

Morris and his friends decided in 1861 to set up their own interiors company: Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co. Everything was to be crated by hand, a principle that set the company firmly against the mainstream focus on industrialised ‘progress’.

In the late 1860s, two prestigious decorating commissions helped establish Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co.’s reputation: one for a new dining room at the South Kensington Museum (later the V&A), and another at St James’s Palace.

In 1875 Morris became sole director of the renamed and restructured Morris & Company. Over the next decade he continued to design at an impressive rate, adding at least 32 printed fabrics, 23 woven fabrics and 21 wallpapers – as well as more designs for carpets and rugs, embroidery and tapestry








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